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BB-14AUS Water Softener

"Advanced Technology Water Softener"

Coway Water Softener

Coway electronic bidet is one of the leading technologies in the industry. Using bidet is not only enjoying the advanced technology but also adopting a new bathroom culture. According to this thought, Coway develops the most convenient bidet for everyone to try it comfortably. Especially for people who have hemorrhoids, constipation, blood lump or other anal diseases , Coway electronic bidet will improve their hygiene and reduce perineal pain.


Premium Digital Bidet

Coway Electronic Bidet

Coway places its customers first and has invested heavily in Research & Development to guarantee the finest, most advanced products in the world. We are proud to claim that we have one of the largest environment technology R&D center in Asia. We ensure a 'quality first' commitment to our technology-oriented management and culture. Currently, Coway operates three R&D centers with more than 210 R&D and quality management professionals on staff, which makes it possible for us to deliver the best quality air purifier products to our customers. We constantly test air filtration systems, air filters, efficiency for air cleaning, and technologies to reduce noise. Unlike other air purifier manufacturers, we manufacturer our own air filtration units, including the filters. Each and every unit is quality controlled and tested before leaving our factory. We have a world-class facility and equipments to meet the diverse international requirements, including United State's C.A.D.R (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings. This is our commitment to our customers to ensure cleanest air.


Air purification

Coway Humidifying Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifiers

In recent years, people have become more concerned about where their water comes from and what their water includes, and have begun to worry about the overall safety of tap water due to factors like decontamination residue. Coway has over 15 years of experience manufacturing water filtration system and dedicates to develop the most advanced water filtration technology for a better life for everyone in the world. The company applies the Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filter which is the most reliable water filter system in the current market to all Coway water filtration units and invests more than $30million on water related Research & Development per year. Therefore Coway delivers the best quality water to the user.










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