Coway Toronto

Install & Delivery

We gained international recognition for our innovative technology. In CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016, currently the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow, we were awarded 8 ‘CES Innovation Prizes' for our product groups during our first participation in the tradeshow. We delivered differentiated values through the IoT (Internet of Things). We received New Technology Innovation Awards 13 times in history at ‘Korean Innovation Frontier Award' awarded for a company that achieves results by driving innovation in new technology, products and services. Type your paragraph here.

Brand Direction

Coway's Innovation for Clean Water and Air, Coway Trust, Re:BLUETION

Aiming to provide a cleaner and healthier lifestyle to customers, Coway has set its brand objective as 'Coway Trust, Re:BLUETION', the Innovation for Clean Water and Air.

'Coway Trust' embodies Coway's commitment to a cleaner way of life.
'Re' embodies the new challenges for achieving the cleaner way of life.
'BLUETION' embodies Coway's fundamental innovation that allows customers to enjoy a naturally pure, clean, and healthy lifestyle, just like the color blue.
When the essence of Coway meets new challenges, Coway's innovation, 'Re:BLUETION' is achieved.

As a brand that carries out clean innovations for the customers, Coway will always be a part of its customer's lives, caring for each customer's happiness and improving the quality of their lives. To achieve this goal, Coway will innovate its products, share the value of a healthy lifestyle and overcome limits with its open innovation.Type your paragraph here.

Electronic Bidet


Coway's electronic bidet is one of the leading technologies in the industry. Using bidet is not only enjoying the advanced technology but also adopting a new bathroom culture. According to this thought, Coway develops the most convenient bidet for everyone to use it comfortably. Especially for people who have hemorrhoids, constipation, blood lump or other anal diseases , Coway's electronic bidet will improve their hygiene and reduce perineal pain.

Water Softener


Coway's water softener makes for healthier and cleaner living; by filtering out harmful substances that can cause skin and other problems.

Water Filtration Appliances


To deliver the best possible water temperature, hot, room and even cold, a special micro-controller monitors the entire water purification process at all times!

Air Purifiers / Humidifying Air Purifier


Superior air filtration system combined with high CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate) & aesthetically pleasing design. Coway air purifiers will bring powerful performance through simple user interface to enrich your life.